Study of sonourethrography in comparision to conventional retrograde urethrography in evaluation of male urethral pathologies

Dr. Vinay Niranjan Seerla, Dr. KS Vedaraju, Dr. Ramakrishna Rao Baru, Dr. P Suneetha, Dr. Archana B, Dr. Maj T Saikrishna, Dr Venkatesh Manchikanti
2021 International Journal of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging  
Sonourethrography is a dynamic 3-dimensional study that can be repeated with minimal radiation exposure, provides higher efficiency than RGU in the detection of anterior urethral stricture disease and would greatly aid in diagnosis and choice of therapies and we have found it to be a notable improvement over the conventional radiographic urethrography in examination of male anterior urethra. SUG can evaluate anterior urethra more accurately than the conventional RGU. RGU fails to measure the
more » ... s to measure the exact length of the stricture urethra irrespective of the site due to anatomical and technical limitations. Periurethral changes, urethral lumen, plaques and spongiofibrosis are better visualised on sonourethrography. Based on the current study, it is strongly recommended that always the evaluation of the male urethra shall include both the conventional RGU and retrograde SUG to achieve accurate results and thus helping in further management. SUG results did change the final management mode in 32.14% of the cases, and the techniques and graft preparation were decided after SUG in almost 100% of the cases that required urethroplasty, which is very significant (p<0.001).
doi:10.33545/26644436.2021.v4.i2a.195 fatcat:jofnr6n4gbfxhea6kzxqjclfwe