Knowledge Resource Sharing Among the Building Research Institutes: At A Global Level

Susanta Kumar, Senapati Library, Officer Head
2013 International Research: Journal of Library & Information Science |   unpublished
Research is a continuous process to generate new knowledge from the existing knowledge for further advancement. The output of research generates publication and or patent known as Intellectual Property. This knowledge must be disseminated and shared with the others who are engaged in the same kind of work to avoid duplication. The new ideas generated as an outcome of research are known as primary source of information and are published as research papers in journals. Research journal is a means
more » ... journal is a means of disseminating new ideas and vehicles to reach to the door steps of entire research community. With the introduction of Information and Communication technology (ICT) and usability of Web technology (www), the websites are becoming strong means of dissemination of ideas and knowledge. Further with the development of open sources, a number of open source journals are available online and can be accessed free of cost. Not only open source journals are available but number of open source software's are also available to capture the knowledge and making a knowledge repository to disseminate and share the ideas of research output. The dissemination of R&D activities through their web site (URL) and making own institutional repository (IR) of research output on web have been the present trends of academic and research institutions at global level. Shelter is one of the basic needs of human being. Therefore, extensive research is required for designing, economical, comfortable, safe and durable housing.Almost every country has established a research institute for building science and technology like CSIR-Central Building Research Institute in India( All National level R&D Institutes as well as international level organizations like CIB, FIB, RILEM, IAHSmaintain their own website with a large information about their past and present R&D activities; their publications and digital library etc. The prime duty of Knowledge Resource Centre (library) is to collect, collate and provide the update information services to users. Therefore, it is required to conduct a survey for gathering information from the websites of the institutes and passes to R&D staff members for their updating knowledge. This study was taken with the objectives i) to identify the R&D institutions and organizations in building and science technology at national and international level; ii) to find out their present areas of R&D activities; iii)to explore the availability and accessibility of their existing knowledge resources (IR); iv) to know their regular publications. Website survey method has been adopted for the collecting data towards the fulfillment of the objectives. 28 institutions / organizations have been identified and information collected from their respective 449 sites and presented on tabular form. 22 institutes have their regular R&D programmes and 75% institute are engaged in building materials research followed by on structural engineering (67.85%). 27 institutions have maintained their knowledge repository but only 10 institutions (35.7%) have their full text access of all materials as posted their knowledge repository. There is a need to more open to disseminate and share of research output as knowledge among the institutions of building science and technology at global level.