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This is a sequel to a paper published in the previous issue of this journal (No. 1, 2008), which dealt with a system of tables to provide a theoretical description of the transformation of primary incomes into final consumption and saving expenditures. On the basis of the proposed system of tables an empirical model was built, which can describe in quantitative terms the relationship between the elements of value added and end product in the Russian economy over the period 1995-2003. We have
more » ... 95-2003. We have proposed and put into practice an algorithm for estimating primary income parts (flows) spent on financing various end-use items. The calculated flows are interpreted as elements of Quadrant IV of the interindustry balance (or tables of use of goods and services) in current consumer prices. We have estimated a system of dynamic equations for these shares, which can be used as the basis for predicting the end-use structure under given volumes of value added elements.
doi:10.1007/s11507-008-2002-3 fatcat:2lrg4rda45hjxbb3yoggwvejsy