Understanding the Polarity of Events in the Biomedical Literature: Deep Learning vs. Linguistically-informed Methods

Enrique Noriega-Atala, Zhengzhong Liang, John Bachman, Clayton Morrison, Mihai Surdeanu
2019 Proceedings of the Workshop on Extracting Structured Knowledge from Scientific Publications   unpublished
An important task in the machine reading of biochemical events expressed in biomedical texts is correctly reading the polarity, i.e., attributing whether the biochemical event is a promotion or an inhibition. Here we present a novel dataset for studying polarity attribution accuracy. We use this dataset to train and evaluate several deep learning models for polarity identification, and compare these to a linguistically-informed model. The best performing deep learning architecture achieves
more » ... cture achieves 0.968 average F1 performance in a five-fold cross-validation study, a considerable improvement over the linguistically informed model average F1 of 0.862.
doi:10.18653/v1/w19-2603 fatcat:26pjxkgyczhzxp6hrd2uvfxyka