Decomposition Staging of

S.I. Stepanov, A.G. Illarionov, E.D. Stepanova
2019 KnE Engineering  
The decomposition of β-metastable phase in (α+β)-titanium alloys during continuous heating needs a detailed investigation in the range of relatively small temperatures. The staging of β-solid solution decay was studied on the solution treated and water quenched VT16 (Ti-3Al-5Mo-5V) used for fasteners production. The thermal exo-effects of β-phase decomposition were examined using DSK. Corresponding effects in the in situ X-Ray diffraction patterns and storage modulus temperature dependence in
more » ... ure dependence in the DMA curves are discussed. A three stage layout of β-decay is reported during continuous heating of VT16 with (α+β)-structure after quenching. , (2019), "Decomposition Staging of -metastable Solid Solution in ( + ) Titanium Alloy During Heating" in XIX International scientific-technical conference "The Ural school-seminar of metal scientists-young researchers", KnE Engineering, pages 150-157.
doi:10.18502/keg.v1i1.4403 fatcat:vtnn57ztrzb5xffqysib3k4dpq