Limonoids as antidyslipidemic from the fruits of Xylocarpus molluccensis Full Paper

Vijai Lakshmi, Anju Puri, An Journal
Xylocarpus molluccensis; Antidyslipidemic; Hamster model; Limonoids. KEYWORDS ABSTRACT The ocean offers a rich source of structurally unique molecules providing novel plate form for drug discovery. The 95% ethanol extract of the epi-carp of the fruits of X. molluccensis given orally at a dose of 500mg/kg showed significant antidyslipidemic activity in hamster model. Among the four fractions tested the chloroform soluble fraction showed highly significant lipid lowering activity at 50 mg/kg.
more » ... ty at 50 mg/kg. Further purification of chlo-roform fraction yielded four compounds. Out of four compounds bioevaluated, only one compound showed promising activity even at 25mg/ kg. dose. 