A positive feedback effect of oestradiol on LH release in the male marmoset monkey, Callithrix jacchus

J. K. Hodges, J. P. Hearn
1978 Reproduction  
Subcutaneous injections of oestradiol benzoate in oil, resulting in a sustained elevation of circulating oestradiol levels, induced an initial suppression of LH secretion, followed by a positive discharge of LH in castrated male and female and in intact male marmosets. Oestrogen-induced LH release (producing maximum LH concentrations 24 h after the injection) was observed in 75% of castrated males and females. A positive discharge of LH occurred in 50 % of intact males 28\p=n-\36h after
more » ... n administration. The experimental production of a preovulatory type of LH discharge after oestradiol administration (positive feedback) in intact and ovariectomized females has been well documented for rats (Caligaris,
doi:10.1530/jrf.0.0520083 pmid:413918 fatcat:wlqklnbmkjeobayf7hnxnqt64e