The macarthur-forrest process of gold extraction

J. S. Macathure
1890 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
JOUBWAL OF THE 6OOIEIY OF OHEMICAL INDUSTRY. ~eiidciicy to forin cliloricles when they get clilorino lirereuted to theni iii tlic free state. This cliloridising devico is, Iio~vever, only ~~iirtiiilly ehctive, 11s the cliloritles fornial ,ire iipt to lie iniinetliiitely clecornposctl under the intluenco of hot irir. uiid in tlic citse of leiid the oxide or sulphutc will not coiiilii~~u wit11 cliloriiie in tlie furniicc, hut combines with it reiiclily wvlien offered moist itnil ut tlie ordinnry
more » ... itiiiospliere teinpeniturc. Tlie roitsted und.oxidiret1 ore is uow sprinkletl with wiitcr to urnkc it slightly moist, niid in tlien cliiirgetl into 11 wooden vnt Iiiiving 11 pwfornted false bottoiu. Tlie cliloriiie, gencnitetl ut iin outwidc source, in let1 in between the true iinil fiilse bottom, unil puduully periiieatcs uliwurds through the niiiss of tho poroiie om. The sriiiill niuouiit of wutcr heltl hy the ore then b e~~i i i e s n sutiirntcd solution of clilorine, wluch gruduully ucts on tlie gold. 60 tlint in tlio course of one or two dnys it mny IN wuslied out ns the solir1)la chloride by n further IIIIIOII~~ of witer. This weiik solution of chloride of gold is riin iuto u tuiik, u solution of ferrous siilphirte iicldccl, tho precipitiite of gold iillowed to scttlu for 48 lioiirs if possible, slid the sii~ierniitant solution iilloweil to flow olT. Wlien autticient gold preciliitute liiw n e c~~~n~~l e t e d , it is collected iind rnii iiito burs. Iknitles tlic I'liittner form of clilori~~iitio~i wliicli I liuvc clewcribecl, there urc otlicra which wiry from I'lrttuer uuil uiiioug tlieniselvcs iii tlio iniiniicr of itppliciition of tho cliloriiiu-inost of tlicni iisinfi rcvolving hurrels inr;teiul of operr YUtH for tho elilorinrrtion proper. 2'hu lWHt kIio\vii of these ure : -'l%e Aleiir'fi Iiroeess, wlicrc clilorinc is used iintlcr its o w~~ Tliu Newbcry-y-\'iiiitin, where iiir ~iresn~iru is uncd. Tlia l'ollok, recently tlescrilied Iieforo this %cation of tho *Society, ~vlierc 11yclrii11lic ~N~I I N I i d uucd, i u i t l Tliu 'l'liies, rlieru the oliloriri~ition in tlonu in ii hiirwl witliout iuiy pre~siire, 11s clcncribetl in tlriw Joiiriiiil, 1889, 895; , . giin~wiin Iiressiire.
doi:10.1002/jctb.5000090308 fatcat:eddxrptftjgn3onc3sythakf5y