AlZahrani. R., Bashihab. R., AlHoraibi. H., AlNafesa. A., Emam. M., AlHarthi. S., AlHajaj. B., Harber. P.
2017 International Journal of Advanced Research  
2247 Tasks were designed to be comparable to common health care work. These included: walking outdoor, climbing stairs carrying an object, reading out loud (comparable to patient interviewing) and level of concentration (comparable to attending meetings). The tasks were designed to range from mild activities such as level of concentration (attending a meeting) and reading to strenuous ones such as walking and climbing stairs (carrying an object). The activities have been pilot tested before the
more » ... conduction. Factors such as (walking distance, pace, duration, temperature, voice level and object's weight) have been standardized. Mask conditions were: N95 Respirator (3M Model 1860), Basic surgical mask (Walgreens Model Model # 023185056204), Face cover + N95 combination and No mask. Sampling Technique:-The order of tasks and mask type was assigned randomly among participants. Sixteen tasks sets of measures have been completed by each participant (4 mask conditions x 4 tasks). The whole process of questionnaires administration and collection took about one week. Participants for the phase '1 pilot trial: Seven female medical students had volunteered to participate, their age group was between (23-26 year-old), and they were all healthy. Data collection methods, instruments used, measurements: Types of masks have been used are; respirators (N95) and basic surgical mask along with the well recognized face cover that is commonly used (Niqab). Results:- There were statistically significant effects of both respirator type and activity level (Mixed linear model, SAS Proc Mixed).Wearing a respirator (N95) combined with face cover by (Niqab) shows the highest score in the interference with breathing and the level of comfortability in an average of 2.01 and 2.45, respectively. These differences were seen at all levels of exertion, not just the heaviest. Conclusions:- Better controlled studies are required to delineate whether such findings could be extended to those who are of different age groups, different sex such as bearded males and individuals with acute or chronic diseases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
doi:10.21474/ijar01/3002 fatcat:4ccc65g63bgwxf4xvyq4vmpkvu