Risks of the working environment in the safety ensuring in endoscopy

M. A. Ivantsova, G. N. Belova, P. L. Shcherbakov, N. V. Vernik
2020 Eksperimental'naia i klinicheskaia gastroenterologiia = Experimental & clinical gastroenterology  
The working environment is forming from the organizational conditions, motivation and the willingness of employees to fulfill their duties in the best way on the one hand, and is determined by the team ethical standards, on the other hand. Risks associated with the working environment are composed of compliance risks associated with ensuring compliance with legal requirements for labor protection and regulation, ensuring of infectious safety, as well as risks associated with the physical and
more » ... cho-emotional status of medical workers, determining the impact of the "human" factor on the work results. The purpose of this review article is to identify the risks of the working environment in endoscopy, as the first stage of risk management, in order to be able for further assessment of their impact on the safety of medical activities in endoscopy, as well as to identify the ways to reduce or eliminate these types of risks. The article includes the following relevant sections: 1. Compliance risks in endoscopy, as a part of the modern healthcare risk-management system—general questions. 2. Risks of the work environment in endoscopy in the conditions of epidemiological threats associated with a new coronavirus infection SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). 3. Risks of the work environment tips and tricks associated with the psychosomatic status and professional burnout of medical personnel in endoscopy.
doi:10.31146/1682-8658-ecg-184-12-5-15 fatcat:c4ohvh5bn5hmxk5w7tqycfrzbe