A Characteristic Present

1848 Scientific American  
In the Stale of Arkansas there are some Many cultivators of this fine new class of .. J. M. of Pa."-We have forgotten what ;ingul ar springs 10 which are a scribed �ome roses, "waste its sweetness" by a llowing it your question was in regald to the man dl"il. nedical virtues and are a subject of no little carry all its blossoms in the month of June. When you write again please lell us. We Nonder. They are in Hot Springs Co., about N o w t o h Oiv e the perpetual rose fully enjoyed, are obliged
more » ... joyed, are obliged to you for the dra wing you sent. jO miles west of Little Rock, on a creek, i t should not b e al l o w ed t o blo om at all in and sha ll probably have them engraved du which empties into the Washila river. 6 miles rose season. Roses are so common then that ring the volume. You can obtain all the in listant, in latilude 31i. The creek, which it not a t a l l pr iz e d w hile oloom ing, from mid-l formation you deSire l'ela llve 10 Parkel"s ___ ... ___ __ 'ises iu the mount ains some 4 miles above, sum mer t o No vemhe r it is highly prized by Water Wheel, by directing a letter to O. H. Destructive Fires.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican09161848-410o fatcat:y7vjwsmtv5btvbxz3moryxtgy4