A compact quasi-axisymmetric stellarator reactor

L.P. Ku
20th IEEE/NPSS Symposium onFusion Engineering, 2003.  
We report the progress made in assessing the potential of compact, quasi-axisymmetric stellarators as powerproducing reactors. Using an aspect ratio A=4.5 configuration derived from NCSX and optimized with respect to the quasiaxisymmetry and MHD stability in the linear regime as an example, we show that a reactor of 1 GW(e) maybe realizable with a major radius ≤8 m. This is significantly smaller than the designs of stellarator reactors attempted before. We further show the design of modular
more » ... s and discuss the optimization of coil aspect ratios in order to accommodate the blanket for tritium breeding and radiation shielding for coil protection. In addition, we discuss the effects of coil aspect ratio on the peak magnetic field in the coils.
doi:10.1109/fusion.2003.1426646 fatcat:h4jqeei4abedljd5ghhw6ue2cu