Ekstrak Daun Beluntas (Pluchea indica Less.) sebagai (Pluchea indica Less.) sebagai Obat Antistres pada Ayam Broiler

A. Sudarman, D. Setiaji
2005 Media Peternakan  
The aim of the study was to find a cheaper alternative antistress for broiler rather than the commercial synthetic one. Ninety DOC strain CP 707 were used in this study which were divided into 18 groups, each consist of 5 chicken and kept in the animal house with a litter system. This study used Completely Randomized Design with six treatments and three replications. The treatments were: 1) drinking water + commercial antistress as positive control, 2) drinking water without extract of beluntas
more » ... leaf and without commercial antistress as negative control, 3) drinking water + 5% extract of beluntas leaf given continuously, 4) drinking water + 5% extract of beluntas leaf given discontinuously (given only at the time when commercial antistress was given), 5) drinking water + 10% extract of beluntas leaf given continuously, 6) water + 10% extract of beluntas leaf given discontinuously. The results showed that treatments significantly (P<0.05) affected leucocytes number, erythrocytes number, haemoglobin, feed intake, and feed conversion, but did not affect hematocrit value, heterophil/lymphocyte ratio, water intake, and average daily gain. It is concluded that the extract of beluntas leaf can be used as antistress up to 10% of drinking water and is better given discontinuously.
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