Effects of the additional corncob meal in sawdust-based cultivation of Lentinula edoes using smoke-heated softwood

Takeshi Oku, Naoko Hiromoto, Futoshi Ishiguri, Minoru Andoh, Tomoko Itoh, Atsushi Shiota, Shinso Yokota, Nobuo Yoshizawa
2001 Mushroom science and biotechnology  
The effects of adding corncob meal to the medium on the yield of fruiting bodies in sawdust-based cultivation of Lentinula edodes using smeke-heated Ci:)iptomeria iaponica and Larix kaemofen' sawdust were investigated. Mycelial growth of Lentinula edodes was promoted with an increase in the amount of corncob meal added to the media in both smoke-heated C. jaPonica and L, haemRferi woods. In Lentinula edodes sawdust cultivation, yields of fruiting bodies were increased by the additional 20%
more » ... ob meal, whereas 10 and 30% corncob meal did not show large positive effects.
doi:10.24465/apmsb.9.2_59 fatcat:c6olqt3dcze2naqpsekcnrrbou