Lean Philosophy for Global Competitiveness in Ethiopia Chemical Industries: Review

Kassu Jilcha, Daniel Kitaw
2015 Journal of computer science and systems biology  
This study attempts to investigate the global competitiveness scenario in chemical manufacturing industries in line with lean thinking. The objective of this article is also to understand the concept of lean manufacturing, its philosophy, various tools and techniques, lean implementation benefits and barrier towards lean implementation of chemical industries in Ethiopia. Competitiveness of chemical manufacturing industry is not easily attainable since chemical products nature is variant. There
more » ... re challenges which hinder the development of chemical industries production. The chemical industries contribution to the economy is very small when compared to agriculture contribution due to infant stage of the industrial group in general. The methods that can bring the chemical industries development and increase competitiveness is one lean thinking revolution. The big challenges noticed in this study found are chemical manufacturing industries have not diffused lean thinking into their process. The chemical industries consume more energy and resources with high technology. As a result of these, the development of chemical manufacturing industry in Ethiopia is darting and at initial stage in contributing for the country economics in employment, GDP, and self-sustained economy. Lean philosophy utilization to companies needs more commitment by the industrial sectors worker and kaizen institute.
doi:10.4172/jcsb.1000205 fatcat:tpplc6xpmjagbpuxkkwcj5nsyi