Thermal Transitions and Stability of Fatty Acid-Containing and Defatted Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA)

Michiko Kodama, Shinji Takebayashi, Shun-ichi Kidokoro, Hatsuho Uedaira
1992 Netsu Sokutei  
The thermal denaturation (N-D transition) of fatty acid-containing and defatted (fatty acid-free) bovine serum albumin (BSA) at pH 7.00 was investigated by differential scanning microcalorimetry. state for the fatty acid-free BSA was about 30% lower than that for the fatty acid-containing BSA. The calorimetric data of two BSA's were analyzed on the basis of a double deconvolution method proposed by S.Kidokoro (Biopolymers 26,231(1987)). By this method, the thermal transition of the
more » ... ed BSA was analyzed to be a three-state transition, while the thermal transition of the fatty acid-containing BSA was estimated to be a four-state transition, corresponding to a three-domain structural model for this protein.
doi:10.11311/jscta1974.19.163 fatcat:vnhpukodvnhxdjxiwbpbwxtg44