Optimization of IoT-based Artificial Intelligence Assisted Telemedicine Health Analysis System

Heng Yu, Zhiqing Zhou
2021 IEEE Access  
This paper presents an in-depth study and exploration of the health IoT architecture and related implementation technologies from both theoretical and practical aspects, with important theoretical significance and practical application value. The research includes cloud fusion health IoT architecture, multimodal information acquisition in health IoT perception layer, multi-level service quality assurance of health IoT based on human LAN, and emotional perception and emotional interaction in
more » ... th IoT. In terms of health IoT architecture, the cloud convergence health IoT architecture is proposed to deeply integrate the health cloud platform and perception layer by integrating multiple communication technologies to optimize the user experience and make health IoT applications more closely connected with people. This paper describes the basic concepts and main components of multimodal sensing information collection, the design and implementation of a health monitoring cloud robotics platform, robotics-based multimodal data sensing and aggregation, and high comfort sustainable physiological signal collection based on smart clothes. The feasibility and performance of the QoS framework proposed in this paper are verified by computer simulations. In this paper, migration learning is used to implement emotion data labeling, continuous conditional random fields to identify emotions based on data collected from smartphones and smart clothes, respectively, and finally decision layer fusion for emotion classification prediction. INDEX TERMS Internet of things, artificial intelligence, telemedicine, health monitoring, data analysis.
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3088262 fatcat:ht4ekqetprfkrgavxmuprdl6z4