Standard Model extension with gravity and gravitational baryogenesis

Gaetano Lambiase
2006 Physics Letters B  
The Standard Model Extension with the inclusion of gravity is studied in the framework of the gravitational baryogenesis, a mechanism to generate the baryon asymmetry based on the coupling between the Ricci scalar curvature and the baryon current (\partial_\mu R)J^\mu. We show that, during the radiation era of the expanding Universe, a non vanishing time derivative of the Ricci curvature arises as a consequence of the coupling between the coefficients for the Lorentz and CPT violation and
more » ... violation and Ricci's tensor. The order of magnitude for these coefficients are derived from current bounds on baryon asymmetry.
doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2006.09.037 fatcat:7gpv55iakra7dgqaqf6jimjgay