Reversible increased technetium-99m-HMPAO cerebral cortical activity: a scintigraphic reflection of luxuriant hyperperfusion

A Strashun, E K Dunn, S S Sarkar, W Abel, G Hotson, S Sclafani
1992 Journal of Nuclear Medicine  
A hemiparetic and aphasic patient, 3 days after acute traumatic transection of the left internal carotid artery requiring life-saving total embolic occlusion, revealed ipsilateral increased peripheral hemispheric 99mTc-HMPAO activity. Ten days postocclusion, HMPAO peripheral cortical flow normalized as hemiparesis and aphasia significantly cleared. The initial lateralized HMPAO hyperactivity pattern may reflect reactive hyperemia, a sign previously identified by contrast angiography and often
more » ... ography and often associated with a better prognosis in evolving CVA. Evanescent peripheral cerebral hyperemia may represent beneficial cortical collateralization of the periinfarct area of a deeper lacunar (white matter) CVA.
pmid:1730975 fatcat:ixsdrhyzwvbohjszguvnjuurvy