Sasha Azimi .
2016 International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology  
Depending upon their shape and also the materials used for their construction, structures exhibit various behaviors in the event of explosion. With performance analysis of these structures in such drastic circumstances, we are better able to select construction materials that can show a stronger reaction against explosion. In the present investigation, we initially outline an introduction on the characteristics and types of explosives and the various principles that elaborate on them. We then
more » ... on them. We then subsequently evaluate space frame structures and single layer barrel vaults and its behavior in the face of explosion using ABAQUS software, in which various key factors such as displacement, maximum stress, kinetic energy and the most critical structural model can be estimated. In this study, three cases of single-layer space frame barrel vaults with elevations of 3.33m, 4m and 6.67m are modeled. Methods of modeling space structures using ABAQUS software are other topics investigated in this thesis. The type of mainstay is assumed as joint with a symmetrical loading of 6500N. It is worth mentioning that ABAQUS 6.13-1 modeling software using finite element method is used to analyze data and explosive charge is applied to determine time series. Using charts and analysis, we can note that in this type of barrel vaults, structures soften as elevation increases, and thus ductility enhances. The most appropriate model is 6.67 m in elevation and its most critical position with an elevation of 3.33m in inside explosion mood and the middle of the first arc of a structure is obtained.
doi:10.15623/ijret.2016.0506068 fatcat:egtv2dpzxvccjhhs3zooq6bpau