Compatibility of structural steels with heavy liquid metals (HLMs): From a cross-cutting view

Jürgen Konys
 Favourable properties of liquid metals  High thermal conductivity and boiling point  Reasonably low dynamic viscosity  Some show minimum interaction with neutrons (e.g., sodium and lead)  Heavy liquid metals release neutrons under proton irradiation (e.g., mercury, lead and bismuth)  Liquid breeder and coolant for fusion application Efficient heat transfer medium/ coolant for thermal energy conversion Essential for fast neutron reactors Allows for sub-critical nuclear fuel in a
more » ... fuel in a proton-accelerator driven system  Compatibility between liquid metals and steels?  Major steel elements are soluble in liquid metals  Formation of intermetallic phases  Degradation of mechanical properties  Prominent issue for lead alloys, especially lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE)  Chemistry is different for Pb/LBE and Pb-16Li As eutectic Pb-16Li alloy in fusion
doi:10.5445/ir/1000062454 fatcat:3a5o5u5fj5brndzflt6pwmjn3q