Hodno obdivu nebo cejchem kriminálního živlu? Z historie příjmení a volby křestních jmen "světských"

Hanka Tlamsová
2021 Studia Ethnologica Pragensia  
The presented paper concerns the choice of first names and the issue of surnames of Czech nomadic people in the so-called long 19th century. The statistics of the most common first names of nomadic comedians, shopkeepers and grinders came from the research of several thousand registry books, as well as other sources of evidence. Rarities and specific examples of naming children from this socio-professional community of people once displaced on the very edge of society were not left out of
more » ... st either. The study also draws attention to research problems in relation to surnames and at the same time presents a reflection on what the surname meant to these people in the first place.
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