Ferromagnetic Kondo-lattice model

W Nolting, W M ller, C Santos
2003 Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General  
We present a many-body approach to the electronic and magnetic properties of the (multiband) Kondo-lattice model with ferromagnetic interband exchange. The coupling between itinerant conduction electrons and localized magnetic moments leads, on the one hand, to a distinct temperature-dependence of the electronic quasiparticle spectrum and, on the other hand, to magnetic properties, as e.~g.the Curie temperature T_C or the magnon dispersion, which are strongly influenced by the band electron
more » ... energy and therewith in particular by the carrier density. We present results for the single-band Kondo-lattice model in terms of quasiparticle densities of states and quasiparticle band structures and demonstrate the density-dependence of the self-consistently derived Curie temperature. The transition from weak-coupling (RKKY) to strong-coupling (double exchange) behaviour is worked out. The multiband model is combined with a tight-binding-LMTO bandstructure calculation to describe real magnetic materials. As an example we present results for the archetypal ferromagnetic local-moment systems EuO and EuS. The proposed method avoids the double counting of relevant interactions and takes into account the correct symmetry of atomic orbitals.
doi:10.1088/0305-4470/36/35/313 fatcat:2c75v25jzndplas5xqc4gp62am