Braneworld teleparallel gravity

A. Behboodi, S. Akhshabi, K. Nozari
2013 Physics Letters B  
We study the gravity in the context of a braneworld teleparallel scenario. The geometrical setup is assumed to be Randall-Sundrum II model where a single positive tension brane is embedded in an infinite AdS bulk. We derive the equivalent of Gauss-Codacci equations in teleparallel gravity and junction conditions in this setup. Using these results we derive the induced teleparallel field equations on the brane. We show that compared to general relativity, the induced field equations in
more » ... ations in teleparallel gravity contain two extra terms arising from the extra degrees of freedom in the teleparallel Lagrangian. The term carrying the effects of the bulk to the brane is also calculated and its implications are discussed.
doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2013.04.058 fatcat:26sape7rnvcb3c2bskmxwgtyou