Regulatory Pathways for Siting and Permitting Offshore Wind Facilities
해상풍력발전시설의 부지 및 허가에 관한 승인절차

Hyoung-Seon Yang
2014 Journal of the Korean Society of Marine Environment and Safety  
According to the increasement of demand for energy around globe, the concern degree of advanced countries for ocean energy including offshore wind power becomes excited. In domestic case, the government set up a goal that jumps up to the third ranked powerful nation of offshore wind in the world until 2020 and announced "The plan for 2.5-gigawatt wind farm off the south-west coast by 2019". Also the legal basis was created in order to support development of offshore wind power as 'A law on
more » ... opment, use, supply and promotion for New energy and renewable energy' was established by law. However to promote offshore wind power projects, there are much difficulties that developers should be applied by permitting use of public water surface and regulations of several domestic public institution. Therefore in this paper, we suggested an alternative to promote efficient offshore wind power projects by comparative analysis between domestic and foreign on regulatory pathways for siting and permitting offshore wind facilities. Key words ffshore wind energy, Offshore wind power, Ocean renewable energy, Offshore wind farm, Regulatory path 1) 1. 서 론
doi:10.7837/kosomes.2014.20.1.071 fatcat:ip7c2dw425drpp4kkcco5exf7y