Synthesis, Characterization of some Transition metal complexes of Piperidine dithiocarbamate and ethylenediamine

Hasan .A. Mohammed
2017 Kirkuk University Journal-Scientific Studies  
Piperidine is heterocyclic amine used as starting material for preparation piperidine dithiocarbamate (pipdtc).add the some transition metal salt of this ligand with ethylinediamine gave complexes of the types:[M(pipdtc) 2 en], [M(pipdtc) 3 ] when the ratio, (M: pipdtc:en,1:2:1), ( M: pipdtc.1:3) respectively . The ligand dithiocarbamate (pipdtc) behaves as a bidentate and coordinated to the metal ion centers either through sulfur atoms and through nitrogen atoms of the ethylenediamine All the
more » ... ynthesized ligand and complexes are characterized by elemental analyses, conductivity, infrared, electronic spectra and susceptibility measurements and theoretical Calculations . From the obtained data octahedral geometry for the complexes have been suggested. the application in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries.[2-3] Many dithiocarbamate used in agriculture as pesticides and in rubber industries as vulcanization accelerators and antioxidants. [4] dithiocarbamates have been found to act usually as bidentate ligands, coordinating through the both Sulphur atoms, and many bis-or tris (dithiocarbamato) complexes of transition metal ions have been studies [5] and able to stabilized transition metals in variety oxidation number [6,7]. Scheme (3) The H 1 NMR of Bis(piperidine dithiocarbamate)ethylenediamine cobalt(II) theoretical Calculations. Characterization and inferences of geometrical optimization for the prepared complex. We applied molecular mechanics MM+ Module in Hyper Chem. 6.0 and MM2 Module in the CS ChemOffice Molecular Modeling Program to calculate the angles and bond length for [Co(pipdtc) 2 en]. Table (5) the structure adopted distorted octahedral figure (1). That agreement with literature [21] From above discussions we suggested the structure of hexcoordinated complexes are distorted octahedral except complex (6) is octahedral.
doi:10.32894/kujss.2017.132384 fatcat:thbp6vtyxrfdda6bixwi3bieka