Multiple period s-p hybridization in nano-strip embedded photonic crystal

Seunghoon Han, Il-Min Lee, Hwi Kim, Byoungho Lee
2005 Optics Express  
We report and analyze hybridization of s-state and p-state modes in photonic crystal one-dimensional defect cavity array. When embedding a nano-strip into a dielectric rod photonic crystal, an effective cavity array is made, where each cavity possesses two cavity modes: s-state and p-state. The two modes are laterally even versus the nano-strip direction, and interact with each other, producing defect bands, of which the group velocity becomes zero within the first Brillouin zone. We could
more » ... zone. We could model and describe the phenomena by using the tight-binding method, well agreeing with the plane-wave expansion method analysis. We note that the reported s-and p-state mode interaction corresponds to the hybridization of atomic orbital in solid-state physics. The concept of multiple period s-p hybridization and the proposed model can be useful for analyzing and developing novel photonic crystal waveguides and devices.
doi:10.1364/opex.13.002774 pmid:19495171 fatcat:q7zffndyxzfvbpp4qbgps7sueu