Algorithm of Analysis and Conversion of Input Data of a Two-factor Multi-variative Transport Problem with Weight Coefficients

Oleksii Chyzhmotria, Olena Chyzhmotria, Tetiana A. Vakaliuk
2021 International Workshop on Computer Modeling and Intelligent Systems  
The article is devoted to the analysis of input data of a two-factor multivariate transport problem with weighting factors. The article aims to develop and describe an algorithm for bringing this problem to a form suitable for the application of one of the existing methods of solving the classical transport problem. The developed algorithm should be such that it can be relatively easily programmed in one of the existing programming languages. The input data for the development of the algorithm
more » ... s the presence of two independent optimization criteria; different values of weighting factors of two factors for each pair "supplierconsumer"; a different number of options for transportation of goods for each pair "supplierconsumer" with the corresponding values of both factors. According to the goal, the algorithm must choose the objectively best of several options for transportation of goods for each pair "supplier-consumer", taking into account the two-factor and the presence of weights. The issues related to the choice of the best of the options for transportation of goods for a single pair "supplier-consumer" taking into account the weight coefficients are considered on the examples. An analysis of the influence of the values of the factors of one pair "supplier-consumer" on the resulting criteria of other pairs. Developed an algorithm for bringing the initial data to a single numerical range, calculating the resulting criteria, and determining the best transportation option for each pair "supplier-consumer".
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