Three cases of paroxysmal alien limb phenomena due to epileptic seizures and review of literatures

Weiwei Wang, Yang Liu, Hao Yu, Qingzhu Liu, Shuang Wang, Xiaoyan Liu, Lixin Cai, Xun Wu
2021 Acta Epileptologica  
Background The alien hand phenomenon (AHP) is a rare disorder of involuntary limb movement together with a loss of sense of limb ownership. AHP occurs as a consequence of frontal, callosal, or posterior cerebral lesions. To characterize the phenomenon of AHP, three patients with paroxysmal AHP were described and proved to be focal seizures by using video-EEG monitoring. Method Clinical history of 3 epileptic patients with AHP was collected. EEG and MRI were performed in each patient. One
more » ... patient. One patient completed EEG monitoring and postoperative pathological examination. We also review the recent literatures and summarize the characteristics, types and hypothetic mechanisms of epileptic AHP. Results Case 1 had AHP of the left arm followed by the left arm convulsion or AHP only. MRI imaging showed a lesion in the posterior parietal lobe. After complete resection of the lesion, he remained seizure free for 1.5 years. Cases 2 and 3 had AHP and convulsion. The three cases did not have auto-motor signs, so they were identified to be the posterior type of APH. Conclusions The mechanism underlying AHP remains poorly .understood. Currently, little is known for the epileptic paroxysmal AHP, a quite rare form of AHP. AHP can be represented before or immediately after convulsion, or be represented by the paroxysmal symptom only.
doi:10.1186/s42494-021-00041-5 fatcat:wgs6wrrdujfc7mdcqxz6l3agza