R.S. Nazaryan, K. Yu. Spiridonova
2015 Ukraïnsʹkij stomatologìčnij alʹmanah  
Abstract. Fissure caries in permanent teeth remains an important issue in modern dentistry, occupies a leading place among carious lesions at other sites. At present, for the prevention of tooth decay on the chewing surfaces of teeth using a wide variety of tools and techniques aimed at removing carious genetic factors: the low resistance of enamel, excess carbohydrates, poor oral hygiene. At the moment, the most common and effective method of preventing caries of chewing surfaces is fissure
more » ... faces is fissure sealing. It was proved that the leading role in the occurrence of caries play oral microorganisms, primarily different types of streptococci and lactobacilli, which produce organic acids, which leads to a progressive demineralization of hard tissue of the teeth. Nowadays the use of the method of antimicrobial therapy - photoactivated disinfection has been introduced. This method is based on the selective destruction of pathogenic microorganisms, sensitized by special preparations and activated by laser radiation relatively small capacity. The purpose of research – to evaluate the clinical effectiveness of the method of fissure sealing through the use of low-intensity laser radiation for the photoactivated disinfection. Materials and methods. To carry out preventive measures were selected 100 children of 6-7 years. Depending on the method of antiseptic treatment of hard tissue of teeth, patients were divided into two groups. Group №1 (main) treatment was carried out with the use of dental photoactivated disinfection, group №2 (control) will hold its traditional antiseptic 0?05% chlorhexidine. Other steps of sealing fissure in all groups were similar. Patients in each group were divided into two groups, depending on the type of preventive measures - invasive or non-invasive fissure sealing. The main group consisted of 50 children they had sealed 143 first permanent molars. In the second group were also 50 children, which sealing was performed in 146 teeth. In the first group invasive sealing was carried out of 16 ch [...]
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