Effects of Dynamic Warm-up Programs Including Self-Myofascial Relexation on Soft Tissue Stiffness and Exercise Performance

Se-Young Seon, Keun-Ok An, Kwang-Jin Lee
2022 Exercise Science  
PURPOSE: This study aimed to investigate the effect of dynamic warm-up (DW), including DW and self-myofascial release (SMFR), on soft tissue stiffness and exercise performance.METHODS: Eight adult men participated in this study. The procedure was conducted twice every 2 weeks. Soft tissue stiffness measurements and exercise performance were performed as a pre-post-test. DW only and DW with SMFR were performed as an exercise intervention for the two groups, respectively.RESULTS: In the group
more » ... ucted solely by DW, the stiffness of the gastrocnemius and rectus femoris muscles increased (p<.05), and in the DW group including SMFR, the stiffness of the rectus femoris muscle (p<.01) and biceps femoris muscle increased (p<.05). The Achilles and patellar tendon showed no significant changes in either group. A significant increase was observed in both the DW group and the DW group containing SMFR in the 30 m sprint (p<.01). The vertical jump (VJ) showed no significant change in both groups.CONCLUSIONS: Therefore, DW, including DW with SMFR, increased muscle stiffness, specifically through a 30-m sprint. In a followup study, it is considered necessary to investigate the effect of the VJ through the development of a DW program that changes the stiffness of tendons.
doi:10.15857/ksep.2022.00080 fatcat:dwpwcc3c35dvncg3ziacn32rti