Energy and Mean-Payoff Parity Markov Decision Processes [article]

Krishnendu Chatterjee, Laurent Doyen
2011 arXiv   pre-print
We consider Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) with mean-payoff parity and energy parity objectives. In system design, the parity objective is used to encode \omega-regular specifications, and the mean-payoff and energy objectives can be used to model quantitative resource constraints. The energy condition requires that the resource level never drops below 0, and the mean-payoff condition requires that the limit-average value of the resource consumption is within a threshold. While these two
more » ... gy and mean-payoff) classical conditions are equivalent for two-player games, we show that they differ for MDPs. We show that the problem of deciding whether a state is almost-sure winning (i.e., winning with probability 1) in energy parity MDPs is in NP \cap coNP, while for mean-payoff parity MDPs, the problem is solvable in polynomial time, improving a recent PSPACE bound.
arXiv:1104.2909v1 fatcat:4jvzspc6wzhjlmydumvvhj4tsa