Deciphering cell–cell interactions and communication from gene expression

Erick Armingol, Adam Officer, Olivier Harismendy, Nathan E. Lewis
2020 Nature reviews genetics  
Cell-cell interactions orchestrate organismal development, homeostasis and single-cell functions. When cells do not properly interact or improperly decode molecular messages, disease ensues. Thus, the identification and quantification of intercellular signalling pathways has become a common analysis performed across diverse disciplines. The expansion of protein-protein interaction databases and recent advances in RNA sequencing technologies have enabled routine analyses of intercellular
more » ... ng from gene expression measurements of bulk and single-cell data sets. In particular, ligand-receptor pairs can be used to infer intercellular communication from the coordinated expression of their cognate genes. In this Review, we highlight discoveries enabled by analyses of cell-cell interactions from transcriptomic data and review the methods and tools used in this context.
doi:10.1038/s41576-020-00292-x pmid:33168968 pmcid:PMC7649713 fatcat:27ur3qmwbvbe3ptqjcechg6v4a