A Systematic Review of Published Articles in ARELE 1-24 : Focusing on Their Themes, Methods, and Outcomes

Atsushi MIZUMOTO, Ken URANO, Hiroaki MAEDA
2014 Zenkoku Eigo Kyoiku Gakkai kiyo  
This study reviewed three representative aspects (themes, methods, and eutcomes) of the published articles in ARELE, volumes 1 to 24. The review of 450 ARELE articles revealed the fbllowing results: (a) the 24 ARELE volumes could be divided into two periods (the first l2 and the second l2); (b) articles in each period have characteristic words to represent the themes peculiar to the period; (c) research themcs have shifted from teaching to leaming, with reading, vocabulary, assessmenVtesting.
more » ... d motivatien coming to the forefront; (d) anicles are predominantly empirical studies, targeting learners at secondary and tertiary levels, and hypothesis generating, with a quantitative approach, while intervention studies are not common; (e) medium strength of effect size was obtained with a meta-analytical approach; (D the effect size decreases toward more recent velumes, which may be a sign of theoretical refinement; (g) the statistical power of most studies is lower than it should be. A number of suggestions are offered fbr improving the quality of future research practice.
doi:10.20581/arele.25.0_33 fatcat:55lf3gcbafdtzjeorxh7b3lxyq