An Energy Saving Algorithm to Prolong the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Network

Monika Raghatate, Dipak W. Wajgi
2014 International Journal of Wireless & Mobile Networks  
This paper considers a heterogeneous network of energy constrained sensors deployed over a region. Each Normal sensor node in a network is systematically gathering and transmitting sensed data to the clusterhead, and then cluster head sending data to a base station (via intermediate cluster-heads). This paper focuses on reducing the energy consumption and hence improving lifetime of wireless sensor Networks. Clustering sensor node is an effective topology for the energy constrained networks. So
more » ... energy saving algorithm has been developed in which clusters are formed considering a subset of high energy nodes as a cluster-head and another subset of powerful nodes is ask to go to sleep. When Cluster heads deplete their energy another subset of nodes becomes active and acts as a cluster head. Proposed approach is implemented in MATLAB, Simulation results shows that it can prolong the network lifetime than LEACH protocol, and achieves better performance than the existing clustering algorithms such as LEACH.
doi:10.5121/ijwmn.2014.6503 fatcat:aofgwjlml5funj7xxrpwbxul3a