BOOK REVIEWS: Problems of Quantitative Methods. Algebra, Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry and Mathematical Analysis (Part I) - Probleme de metode cantitative. Algebra, trigonometrie, geometrie analitica si analiza matematica (Partea I), Sorin BERBENTE, Corneliu BERBENTE Published by Editura Universitatii Romano-Britanice, Seria "Business", Bucuresti, 2006, ISBN (10) 973-87669-1-5/ ISBN (13) 978-973-87669-1-4, ISBN (10) 973-87669-2-3/ ISBN (13) 978-973-87669-2-1

Irina Carmen ANDREI
2014 INCAS Bulletin  
Both theory and applications are presented and explained. The book contains topics that complete the current curriculum of mathematics covered for the 1 st and 2 nd year of study. The approach is progressive, that is the topics are gradually introduced to the reader and potential user. The information structured within a 219 pages volume, refers to the theory and applications from algebra, trigonometry, analytical geometry and mathematical analysis. There are 8 chapters, each one being
more » ... one being structured in three parts; thus, the first part contains the definitions and the basic equations relevant to the topic, the second part presents solved problems and conclusions that enable the enhancement of the theory, and the third part contains proposed problems.
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