Effect of guanidinium chloride in eliminating O2− electron extraction barrier on a SnO2 surface to enhance the efficiency of perovskite solar cells

Miao Yu, Lijia Chen, Guannan Li, Cunyun Xu, Chuanyao Luo, Meng Wang, Gang Wang, Yanqing Yao, Liping Liao, Sam Zhang, Qunliang Song
2020 RSC Advances  
The charge transfer hindrance of adsorbed oxygen species on SnO2 is successfully reduced by modifying it with guanidinium chloride, improving the power conversion efficiency from 15.33% to 18.46% (after modification) with maximum fill factor of 80%.
doi:10.1039/d0ra01501f fatcat:cstqgk6umvh3vkyx7mzagadkxq