Analysis of Multi-environment Grain Yield Trials in Mung Bean Vigna radiate (L.) Wilczek Based on GGE Bipot in Southern Ethiopia

A Asfaw, F Gurum, F Alemayehu, Y Rezene
2012 J. Agr. Sci. Tech   unpublished
The objective of this research was to evaluate and to quantify the magnitude of the genotype × environment interaction effects on mung bean grain yield and to determine the winning genotype for the test environments. Seven mung bean genotypes were tested at three locations for over two years. The grain yield data for each environment (location year combination) was first subjected to analysis of variance using generalized linear model. Mean grain yields of genotypes for the environments were
more » ... puted to generate a genotype and environment two-way table data for the GGE biplot analysis. The analysis revealed the presence of significant genotype x environment interactions for grain yield. Location effect explained more than 60% of the total grain yield variation. GGE biplot analysis depicted the adaptation pattern of genotypes at different environments and discrimination ability of testing environments. MH-96-4, shown to have the potential of combining high yield with stable performance, can be recommended for production in mung bean growing ecologies in southern Ethiopia.