Interaction of two rivulets on the bottom side of an inclined plate

Ekaterina Slesareva, Ruslan Dekhtyar, Valeriy Ovchinnikov, G.V. Kuznetsov, P.A. Strizhak, E.E. Bulba, A.O. Zhdanova
2015 MATEC Web of Conferences  
The flow of rivulets and droplets over the bottom side of inclined hydrophobic surface was studied in this work. Interacting of two nearby draining rivulets is investigated. Distilled water was used as the working liquid. The experiments were carried out on the bottom side of a smooth plate with the width of 440 mm and length of 1400 mm. The angle of plate surface deviation from the vertical was 14°. The switching centre consisted of two nozzles with diameter of 0.8 mm. Tubes placed
more » ... rly plate surfaces on distance of 10 mm from each other. The experiments were carried out at the flow rates from 0.1 to 1.0 ml/s, and flow rate supported constant. The flow patterns were recorded video with the speed of 1200 fps. It was shown at a constant liquid flow rate at the nozzle exit the direction of and shape of the rivulet depend on maldistribution of the liquid flow rate along the rivulet. It is shown, that the regime of flow rivulet can be changed by interacting with another rivulet. Change regime of flow of rivulet occurs according to the laws defining character of a current of a liquid in rivulet.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/20152301036 fatcat:jajaw33nybe5be2fhel67b3kvq