Calibration of simulation models for ultrasonic transducers based on implicit calibration

Johan E. Carlson, Jesper Martinsson, Fredrik Hagglund, Amin Saremi
2008 2008 IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium  
There are numerous software packages available for modeling of the sound pressure fields emitted by ultrasound transducers and transducer arrays. Accurate modeling of a realworld transducer requires knowledge of several parameters that are generally not known. This paper presents an estimation principle that can be used to calibrate such models, based on measurements of the sound field. The model separates the problem into estimation of the transducer's electro-mechanical impulse response and
more » ... ulse response and its spatial impulse response. The latter being what the software packages generally model. We demonstrate the principle with measurements of the sound field from a non-focused 5 MHz transducer. The results show that the modeled sound field agrees well with measurements.
doi:10.1109/ultsym.2008.0372 fatcat:5izqb3lfefd7taknfklyzxmmiq