Teaching Language Variation in the Classroom [book]

Michelle D. Devereaux, Chris C. Palmer
Bringing together the varied and multifaceted expertise of teachers and linguists in one accessible volume, this book presents practical tools, grounded in cuttingedge research, for teaching about language and language diversity in the ELA classroom. By demonstrating practical ways teachers can implement researchdriven linguistic concepts in their own teaching environment, each chapter off ers real-world lessons as well as clear methods for instructing students on the diversity of language.
more » ... ten for pre-service and in-service teachers, this book includes easy-to-use lesson plans, pedagogical strategies and activities, as well as a wealth of resources carefully designed to optimize student comprehension of language variation. discuss several activities that ask students to wrestle with linguistic prejudice by analyzing written/ literary and oral/ real-life representations of dialect. Bringing Critical Language Pedagogy to the Middle School Social Studies Classroom: Lessons for Standard English Learners describes how tools such as linguistic inquiry and contrastive analysis can help students explore nonstandard varieties of Spanish and how they can help students distinguish diff erences in the writing conventions of English and Spanish. details step-by-step classroom methods to analyze the written vernacular patterns common in communities speaking African American Vernacular English, demonstrating how one might take tangible steps to break the cycle of dominant language ideology in U.S. classrooms. Extending the Conversation: Two Teachers' Response to Linguists Suzanne Loosen and Teaira McMurtry, Milwaukee Public Schools, Wisconsin Suzanne Loosen and Teaira McMurtry address the challenges and solutions described by the linguists in Part 2, discuss prerequisites needed to implement their recommendations, and consider how linguists and teachers can collaborate toward these solutions. Part 3: Collaborations between Teachers and Linguists The third part of this volume presents four pairs of teacher-linguist collaborators. In each case, the teacher and linguist have worked together to design lessons for the ELA classroom, with each pair co-writing a chapter that off ers practical strategies for teaching linguistic variation and/ or ideology.
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