Catalytic reduction of nitrate by an oxidorhenium(V) complex

J.A. Schachner, F. Wiedemaier, N. Zwettler, L.M. Peschel, A.D. Boese, F. Belaj, N.C. Mösch-Zanetti
2021 Journal of Catalysis  
Fig. 6 . Calculated transition state (TS) for the reduction step from NO 3 to NO 2 -. The DMS molecule shows no interaction with the complex or the nitrate anion in the transition state. Fig. 7 . Calculated reaction profile of the first OAT step in catalytic nitrate reduction with 2 (CH 3 CN/H 2 O 50/50 vol%).
doi:10.1016/j.jcat.2021.03.028 fatcat:x35uz6ij5fbkviob2moef3jcqa