Computational Identification of Biomarkers

Early detection of diseases and personalized medicine are gaining huge attention as a result of the advancements in the fields of bioinformatics and computational biology. Computational Biology is an interdisciplinary area involving Biomolecular data understanding and analysis by using and development of various tools, algorithms and methods. Disease detection and prediction is mostly carried out through the symptoms reported by patient and clinical test performed on the basis of it. There is a
more » ... need to detect disease before the symptoms progress. Biomarkers are biological markers which are implicitly available in biomolecular data. There are different types of biomarkers which can help in early disease detection and finding correlation of the disease with other changes at the cellular level. The biomolecular data exploration is the key to identify various biomarkers. This paper presents a summary of types of biomarkers and biomarker identification techniques.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.g1001.0597s20 fatcat:6eihvip6mnb5lhyrdolkgmetsy