Malakofauna PR Hemže-Mýtkov Mollusc fauna of the Hemže-Mýtkov Nature Reserve

Jan Myšák
2009 Malacologica Bohemoslovaca   unpublished
MYŠÁK J., 2009: Malakofauna PR Hemže-Mýtkov [Mollusc fauna of the Hemže-Mýtkov Nature Reserve].-Ma-lacologica Bohemoslovaca, 8: 56-62. Online serial at 24-November-2009. Altogether, 78 mollusc species were recorded in the Hemže-Mýtkov Nature Reserve (East Bohemia, Czech Republic) during 2005-06. This locality harbours 32% of the total mollusc fauna of the Czech Republic at only 29 ha. This fairly high species richness corresponds to a high habitat diversity and species pool of the region that
more » ... f the region that consists of a mixture of Alpine and Carpathian elements. Of prime conservation importance is a high share of rare and endangered species and species mostly having an isolated population there from the main distribution range. These species are East-Alpine Aegopis verticillus, Cochlodina commutata and Itala ornata, and the East-Alpine-Carpathian Bythinella austriaca. Carpathian species represents Faustina faustina. Except mentioned species there are several other rare and sensitive species such as Daudebardia brevipes, Perpolita petronella, Platyla polita, Pupilla sterri, Vertigo alpestris, and Vertigo antivertigo. Although, forest species prevailed, there were also representatives of other ecological groups such as synanthropic, steppe, water, and wetland species.