M Suganya, Dr, S Suganya
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
Biometric authentication systems are gaining widespread popularity in recent years due to the advances in sensor technologies as well as improvements in the matching algorithms. Preserving the privacy of digital biometric data stored in a central database has become of paramount importance. VCS is a cryptographic technique that allows for the encryption of visual information such that decryption can be performed using the human visual system. There are various measures on which performance of
more » ... ch performance of visual cryptography scheme depends, such as pixel expansion, contrast, security, accuracy, computational complexity, share generated is meaningful or meaningless, type of secret image. This technique encrypts a secret image into shares such that stacking a sufficient number of shares reveals the secret image. The stored images are encrypted and while verification that images are decrypted. This work implements visual cryptography for color images in a biometric application. The project modules have a strong authentication and robustness scheme.