The Analysis for the Rate of the Thermal Decomposition of Limestone

Yukiaki Hara
1968 Transactions of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan  
It has b e en said th at the rate determining step o f th ermal d ecom posi tion of limestone above 900°C is th e heat transfer fo r the endothcrmi c d eco mpos ition .Jl,2) There is sm a ll resistance of th e chem ical reaction of the d eco mposition, but the heat tra nsfer is relative ly slow. Especially, if the c rystal grains of CaC0 3 a rc sma ll, the decompositi on is simpl y controll ed b y heat transfer. 3 ) I t is suggestcd by some in vestigato rs 2 ),3) that the decomposition proceeds
more » ... omposition proceeds in th e shell mode l, that is, the decompositi on reaction takes p lace on ly at the interface between th e d ecomposed and und ecomposed layers, • an d this interface progresses inwa rd in parallel to thc cxte rior sllrfacc as shown in Fig. I. --+-",--_1 ,. C0 2 F ig. I. Model of CaCO" decomposili on
doi:10.2355/isijinternational1966.8.97 fatcat:sphqxgkdy5fktpvojvkjiopdmi