Non-marine Arthropoda of the Tasmanian Triassic

P Tasch
1975 Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania  
Conchostracan fossils are described for the first time from Triassic rocks in Tasmania. Taxa present include Cyzicus (Lioestheria) spp., Palaeolirrrnadia (Palaeo lirrrnadia) cf. wianamattensis> P. (Palaeo lirrrnadia) banksia n. sp., P. (Palaeolirrrnadia) poatinis n. sp. other species of Palaeolirrrnadia and Palaeolirrrnodopsis tasmanii n. sp. Two assemblages, one with Palaeolirrrnadia alone, the other with Palaeolirrrnadia and Cyzicus. The latter assemblage suggests correlation with the Blina
more » ... ale in Western Australia and with the Mangli Beds of India. The conchostracans lived in small, transitory bodies of water (Ed.).
doi:10.26749/rstpp.109.97 fatcat:b7i5s6sazfcr3gbithmk2bwdtu