Biochemical and physiological characterization of corky tissue affected fruit of sapota (Manilkara achras (Mill) Fosberg) cv. Cricket Ball

J Ugalat, C Haradari, H Singh
2013 Journal of Crop and Weed   unpublished
Corky tissue is a physiological disorder, affecting Cricket Ball variety of sapota to the tune of 35% or more, especially in the summer season. Very little work has been reported so far on the biochemistry of this disorder. In the present study an attempt was made to characterize the corky tissue affected fruit in biochemical and physiological view. Studies revealed that the percent of corky tissue incidence had a positive correlation with the number fruit per panicle and size of the fruit.
more » ... erellic acid treatment has reduced the incidence of corky tissue as compared to control and paclobutrazol treatment has increased the incidence of disorder. In corky tissue affected fruit pulp the reducing sugars, total soluble sugars content and enzyme activity like amylase were reduced and starch content was higher as compared to healthy fruit pulp, hence decreased activity of amylase might affected the conversion of starch into simple sugars. Total carbohydrate, proteins, fatty acids, mineral nutrients were comparatively less in case of affected fruits. This indicates that there was less mobilization of these biochemical parameters into the fruit and consequently affected the physiological development of the fruit and manifested as disorder.