Attrition Resistant Iron-Based Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts [report]

K. Jothimurugesan, J.S. Goodwin, J.J. Spivey, S.K. Gangwal
1997 unpublished
OBJECTIVE The objectives of this research are to develop a better understanding of the parameters affecting attrition of Fe F-T catalysts suitable for use in SBCRs and to incorporate this understanding into the design of novel Fe catalysts having superior attrition resistance. Catalyst preparations will be based on the use of spray drying and will be scalable using commercially available equipment. The research will employ among other measurements, attrition testing and F-T synthesis, including
more » ... ynthesis, including long duration slurry reactor runs in order to ascertain the degree of success of the various preparations. The goal is to develop an Fe catalyst which can be used in a SBCR having only an internal filter for separation of the catalyst from the liquid product, without sacrificing F-T activity and selectivity. ARTICLES AND PRESENTATIONS Conference Presentations
doi:10.2172/611786 fatcat:h63sdbi6czg5rkal3p3n4hnvse