Accumulation of iron-59 by black-fish Girella punctata from food organisms

1985 Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi  
The retention and excretion by black-fish Girella punctata, of 59Fe taken up from seawater or food organisms were observed by tracer experiment. The highest concentration factor was shown by the seaweed, Enteromorpha sp. among the prey and predator organisms. In the uptake route of food, the contamination mode of food and food species had effect on the retention ratio of radionuclide, showing that 59Fe assimilated in food was more difficult for the uptake than 59Fe solution fed with food, and
more » ... ed with food, and 59Fe in seaweed is more difficult than 59Fe in worm. The distribution ratio of radioiron in the body organ showed large distribution in digestive tract regardless of up take route and contamination mode of food. GFC profile showed that the combining form of radioiron are same as in all organs.
doi:10.2331/suisan.51.2067 fatcat:m47gdk5qurcolpnaiq62rvnl5m